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Stick to the Basics: Upper Lower Split

Stick to the Basics: Upper Lower Split

Keeping It Simple

Have you ever worked out with someone who insisted that you do a thousand reps of this exercise, and a thousand more of this one, and then run a mile, and then plank for 10 minutes, and then do some more new stuff that they just read about on Reddit or saw on instagram?

These people constantly change their programs, and every time they see something new or someone tells them to do something different they try to completely revamp everything because more is obviously better. Why not spend hours in the gym doing everything you possibly can?

The problem with this approach is that its exhausting, and completely unnecessary, I would know, I used to be that person.

And I get it! It’s easy to get wrapped up in what’s new and exciting, especially when you see it being successful for someone else.

But what about your program? Why change what’s already working?

Less is more, focus on the basics

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Here’s the key concept: Stick to the basics.

Find the exercises that work the best for you and do them relentlessly.

When did we start making things so complicated?

You don’t need to run a thousand miles everyday and make sure you do every exercise in existence to hit every muscle from every angle so that you end up in the gym for 3 hours a day.


The Workout

Here’s a program I personally have used that has been time tested over and over again. Obviously this workout isn’t set in stone, and you’ll want to adjust it depending on your own goals, equipment availability, etc. but it should help!

Upper/Lower Body Split – 4x/week


Day 1 - Upper Body
Bench Press48
Barbell Row48
Pull Up48
Barbell Shoulder Press48
Tricep Pressdown312
Bicep Curls312
Day 2 - Lower Body
Back Squat55
Romanian Deadlift48
One leg calf raises312
Leg Lifts312
Russian Twists312
Day 4 - Upper Body
Dumbell Press312
Cable Row312
Lat Pulldown312
Dumbell Shoulder Press312
Triceps Skullcrushers312
Straight Bar Curls312
Day 5 - Lower Body
Goblet Squat312
Backstep Lunges312
Calf Raises312
Side Plank3Failure


Subtract Subtract Subtract!

Sticking to the basics goes beyond fitness. It’s a good message to adopt into your own life as well.

More is not always better. There are only a few things in life that matter the most, and getting focused on the most important things in your life will bring you the most happiness and success.


Success comes from the subtraction of the unnecessary.


Got questions or concerns? Want a specific topic discussed? Don’t be afraid to reach out! I’ll respond as soon as I can. Stay healthy and stay functional my friends 🙂

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