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Eat the Yoke! The Egg Cholesterol Myth

Eat the Yoke! The Egg Cholesterol Myth

You’ve heard it before… “Eggs have high cholesterol! So you shouldn’t eat them.”

Seems a little unfair to the eggs doesn’t it? I’ll tell you a secret, I LOVE EGGS, and you should too. So today, we’re going to prove this myth wrong, and show why eggs are nature’s superfood.



First off, eggs are amazing, like really amazing.

They contain around 80 calories (depending on the size of the egg), ~7 grams of protein, ~5 grams of fat, and are packed with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A and D, and iron.

Eggs are an energy powerhouse, and an amazing source of high quality protein. In fact, egg protein contains all the essential amino acids your body needs. In other words, eggs are a superfood. Eating protein is important, but the quality of protein is important as well, and eggs have it all.

The important thing to consider is that many of these nutrients are found in the yoke. So don’t just eat the eggs whites!


Eggs are healthy


The Argument: High Cholesterol

Eggs get a bad wrap because they’re touted as being cholesterol heavy. And as research shows, high cholesterol increases your risk for heart disease.

The problem with this is that eggs also contain lecithin and methionine, both of which act as fat-emulsifiers, making fats easier to break down and digest, which lowers the cholesterol in eggs, meaning eggs don’t raise bad cholesterol, they likely lower it.

Cholesterol in your blood increases when you eat processed junk food, and it decreases when you eat healthy fats (HDL) and your body has more fat emulsifiers (like lecithin in eggs).

The other side of this is that not all cholesterol is bad. In fact, cholesterol is used in your body for aiding numerous functions, such as the process for creating important hormones, bile, and vitamin d in your body.


The Verdict

Eggs have gotten a bad name for having high cholesterol and increasing our risk of heart disease, but it’s just not true. With a ton of amazing nutrients, a perfect protein profile, and tons of vitamins and minerals, eggs are nature’s perfect food.

So don’t skip the yoke! Eat your eggs (and avocado and veggies!), and be happy knowing you’re eating the perfect food 🙂


How do you like your eggs? Sunny-Side Up?

Got questions or concerns? Want a specific topic discussed? Don’t be afraid to reach out! I’ll respond as soon as I can. Stay healthy and stay functional my friends 🙂


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