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5 Reasons to Work Out in the Morning

5 Reasons to Work Out in the Morning


It’s 6am, it’s time to go to the gym.

Wait what? That’s so early!

I know, it’s hard for everyone. Even I struggle with getting up in the mornings, but then I remember that I have work to do, and I get to start the day off with something we all love: exercise. And if you don’t love it now, you will, because I’m about to show you the benefits of early exercise and how it will change your life.

#1 Boost your metabolism

Its no mystery that exercise burns calories, and lifting weights moreover, burns a lot more. But did you know that you actually burn an immense amount of calories for HOURS after you’re done working out? This is referred to as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) which is just a fancy way of saying that your body is taxed and is consuming extra oxygen which results in increased metabolism. Why not take advantage of that throughout your entire day?

Boost metabolism

#2 Efficient use of nutrients

This ties directly into the increased metabolism. Working out is a catabolic action, and after you’re done, your body spends time rebuilding itself. If you work out in the evening, you’ll usually have a meal and maybe a snack before you go to bed, after which you fast for about 10 hours (more or less depending on how much you sleep and if you eat breakfast), usually from around 8pm until breakfast in the morning. By working out in the morning you take advantage of your body being in an anabolic phase by giving it energy and nutrients when it needs it the most. There is something called nutrient partitioning, which basically states that your body will use the energy you give it and either burn it, synthesize protein, or store it (if you have too much excess).

Spinach, morning workouts

#3 More time in the day (you can do a lot in an uninterrupted morning!)

Do you know how much more time in a day you would have if you weren’t nagged at by everyone you know? It may not be nagging, but have you ever heard someone say “hey do you have a second?” Let me tell you, you only have so many seconds in a day. If you let them (and I’m not saying people do it maliciously), they will take all your time, and time is your most valuable asset. One of the biggest complaints I here from people is that they don’t have enough time in their day. When it comes to working out, usually I hear the excuse “I don’t have time”. Working out in the morning is probably the best solution if you have a busy schedule and really can’t fit it in later. Getting up early (especially if it’s before any of your family/roommates are up) clears up a lot of uninterrupted time for you to get things done, and especially work out. I’ve found that I get a lot more done and am more motivated to take care of things I need to do if I get out of bed early and get to the gym. It wakes you up and puts you in an efficient setting and helps you make smarter decisions because you’re in a better mood. Make the move, get to bed early, and take advantage of that alone time in the morning!

Morning workouts save time

#4 Improve sleep

Working out in general has an AMAZING impact on sleep quality. Multiple studies have shown this. Other studies (such as this one on postmenopausal women) have shown that morning exercise improves sleep, possibly because it helps reset your circadian rhythm, helping you develop a good sleep schedule is vital to being able to fall asleep at night and to having uninterrupted sleep. Decreased stress, balancing of hormones, and good fatigue from exercise are all things that will improve your sleep quality, and this will carry over into all aspects of your life.

Morning workouts and sleep

#5 Develop some motivation (and set a good tone for the whole day)

Working out in the morning can be a huge motivation boost that can affect other parts of your life as well. Getting something accomplished early in the day gives you solid motivation to get things done. Wouldn’t you rather wake up and do something thats good for you instead of dragging yourself out of bed and relying on coffee to kickstart your day? It wakes you up, releases good hormones, puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day, and gets you in the mood to be successful in life (or at least in that day). Also, working out makes you more intelligent, if you read the book Spark by John Ratey, you’ll find cutting edge research that proves this. Thus it makes a lot of sense to do it in the morning and give your brain a little boost for the day before you go to work. I guarantee you will become a more successful person if you learn to get up and work out in the morning (stories are encouraged!).

Be successful, work out

What’s your motivation?

Consistency = success, go get yours! If you need tips on how to make it work, email me or comment below! I’ll do my best to respond.

Have a  good day everyone